Ever since (and let's be honest, well before) Kobe, Kevin Durant, et al. openly badmouthed Dwight Howard earlier this season, and now with his dust-up with KG, NBA Twitter has made Howard the primary object of its ever-so-witty scorn. Sure Howard has always been an easy target, and clowning him is nothing new to NBA fans and bloggers far and wide. But now that he has been explicitly exposed as being disliked by other NBA star players, there is no stopping the constant pilers-on, and it got tiresome a good while ago. There is zero risk associated with dissing someone that no one likes, and there's not much that's less interesting at this point than a tweet that takes a shot at him. It's even worse when someone thinks they are being provocative.

Silly hot takes are rightly being called out and satirized these days, but tweets like these are icy-cold on the opposite end of the take-temperature continuum, and need to be dealt with as well. It's time to mix things up. You want to be provocative? Redirect your insulting-tweet talent toward Steph Curry.